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According the results of a nationwide survey published by Economic Innovation Group, 62% of millennials have considered starting their own business. With so many of us pursuing entrepreneurship we wonder what makes startups succeed. The goal is to meet a need that does not yet exist, or improve a product or service that does not meet the need of the market. Established companies are continuously relying on project management to deliver those results, but how does that differ in a startup?

Come join us for our inaugural Young Professional night! This is a panel discussion which will be about the experience of startup founders and leaders in Toronto. The event will be followed a Networking Event nearby, please check the Events page and register!

The event will take place on Wednesday, March 15th at the CPA Lounge at Ryerson University. The event will start at 6:45 p.m. and will last until 8:30 p.m.

We will have four panelists and a moderator:

Timoth Ahong –  is an entrepreneur and engineer with an interest in bringing ideas to realization. Formerly the CTO of Sensassure and now a Head of Technology Development at SCA – Hygiene and Forest Products Company, Timothy is working on developing technology solutions to improve the quality of life of Seniors living in nursing homes.


Cathy Tie – is the co-founder and CEO of Ranomics, and a recipient of the Thiel Fellowship. At age 18, Cathy founded Ranomics to solve the largest problem in the $10B genetic testing industry: Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS). VUS cause over 60% of genetic tests to be inconclusive. Her work at Ranomics gives meaning to data that previously had no clinical significance, enabling more accurate disease prediction for patients.

Kyle Trattner – is the co-founder of Tickld (, which was acquired by Gaeway Media in late 2015. Tickld was launched from Kyle’s dorm room in late 2011, and today employs twenty-five talented individuals at its midtown Toronto office and is supported byanother thirty-five from its parent company based in St. Louis, Missouri.  Tickld’s web properties reach 80MM unique individuals every month.

William Zhou –  is the co-founder and CEO of, a K-12 education software company that utilizes data to help schools. Zhou has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age, founding his first company in high school.



The event will be moderated by Kristel Lee-Hon-Siong –  a project management coordinator and executive assistant to the Principal of Glendon College at York University. Glendon is a liberal arts college with a global focus and commitment to bilingualism located in Toronto. Lee-Hon-Siong is a certified associate in project management with experience in the agile (scrum) environment and lean six sigma improvement processes. She is a graduate of The University of Waterloo.

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