Message from Your SOC President


My Commitment to SOC Members

The PMI SOC Board of Directors entrusted me with the great responsibility of leading the Chapter for the fiscal year July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. It is a huge honor to represent the 2nd largest PMI Chapter in the world, and I am fully aware of the commitment required in order to respond to the needs of the almost 5000 Chapter members. The best part though is that the Board you elected for this year is composed of high-value individuals, experienced professionals and volunteers, and that the Chapter has over 100 of dedicated volunteers that are committing their time and efforts toward serving you, the members – so together we should have all the ingredients for success.
As a project management practitioner I always believed in “say what you’ll do, and then do what you said” – so here it is, my commitment to you for the year in front of us:
● I will put the members’ interests above of all other – the Chapter exists to serve the members, and the Chapter leadership will work to ensure that you’re getting the value you expect from your membership;
● I will protect the Chapter and its interests –by monitoring and enforcing the SOC brand, through an active fiduciary responsibility, by focusing the chapter toward the activities it does best to obtain best value for our membership fee;
● I will promote the Chapter to the entire PM community in our area –practitioners, their managers and executives, the companies, government or non-profit organization they work for, the community at large;
● I will carry the word from the members to the PMI Global Operations Centre, to enhance the positioning of SOC within PMI;
● I will report back to the members not only through the annual report, but also periodically through all other communication channels available – SOC website and LinkedIn group, Weekly Scope etc.
The Board and I have some big plans for the year ahead–and most of them are directly derived from what you, the members, told us in the survey we ran this spring:
● You told us that you do not always know about all the activities the Chapter is organizing – as such we’ll be more active not only on our own website and weekly Scope (which will redesigned to be even more user -friendly for mobile devices), but also on social media – we’ll bring the information to you, wherever you are;
● You told us that the Chapter seems like an abstract entity–we’ll do a better job at connecting you, as an individual, with the leadership and the volunteers that dedicate their time to serve the members – you’ll know their names, you’ll know their faces, you’ll know where they work and what they do for a living and for the Chapter –and hopefully, seeing that they are people and professionals like you, you will decide to join them not only at the events they organize for you, but maybe as a volunteer as well
● You told us that you want to be more engaged – and we’re planning to bring about the Member’s Corner, to have your voice heard on our website and at events, to recognize your years with the Chapter, to acknowledge your accomplishments with the Project of the Year and the Project Manager of the Year awards;
● You told us that you need to get more from our events – and we’ll ask of you what do you want to hear about, and bring in speakers to address the topics you’re interested in –we’ll also diversify the type of events we bring to you, to have specialized sessions for everyone, from just starting in the profession to our Signature Series dedicated to seasoned professionals with years of experience;
● You told us that you cannot come downtown to our events – not only we’ll diversify the location of events, but we’ll also introduce live webcasting of (hopefully) all our events so you can have a great experience even if sometimes you cannot be present in person;
● You told us that you want the Chapter to be the prime source for your training needs – not only we’ll continue to improve our PMP Preparation training and expanding our Agile PM certification training, but we’ll also bring in training for other certifications in high demand such as BA PM;
● You told us that you want more benefits from your membership – and we’re actively pursuing to add more corporate partners providing significant discounts to the SOC members, to add them to the current set of partners.
And finally, what I expect of you in order for the above to succeed:
● I expect you to tell us what you need – if you do not let us know what you’re interested in, there is no way for us to realize if we’re delivering what you want –please respond to our surveys, or contact us at any time through the Chapter’s inquiry line (phone or email) – we are considering and responding to each and every message that we get;
● I expect you to hold us accountable – if you have any concerns, if we break our promises or if we’re not delivering what you need please let us know – we are here for the sole purpose of serving the chapter members;
● I expect you to be engaged – come to the events, participate in discussions, contact our volunteers and (why not) become a volunteer yourself to have your say in where this Chapter is going;
● I expect you to promote the profession, PMI and the Chapter – only together and through each and every one of us we can achieve the recognition we deserve in the professional community, as professionals and as an association. I will conclude by circling back to my commitment – it may take some time to accomplish it all (all volunteers have to earn a living too) but I will put everything I have toward making the Chapter an association we can all be proud to belong to, and make it recognized from the government and executive offices to the front – line activities. But I need your support, and I need you to keep me accountable for fulfilling my promises.
Best regards, and keep in touch!
George Jucan, PMP
President, PMI Southern Ontario Chapter

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