Message from Your Board of Directors

By Carol Donohue, PMP, Director – Techology

Here is the Technology Year in Review:

It has been a very busy year in the Technology Portfolio this year!  We started off rolling out the Help Desk and ended the year with a full ITIL Service Desk!  Technology is responsible for supporting the volunteers of the chapter as we provide programs for chapter members.  We have addressed 406 support requests this year.  For the Technology Portfolio, there are three streams of requests: Infrastructure, Digital Media and Business Intelligence.  Infrastructure requests include creating e-mail addresses, SharePoint access, Portfolio e-mail distribution lists and password resets.

The Digital Media team provides photography, video recording and web streaming for events.  The events run the gamut from Portfolio events through to events hosted by Branches and Communities on behalf of the Chapter.  Business Intelligence is a new team for our portfolio this year. This team supports requests for data, analysis and graphics.  You can see several of the graphics on page 3 of the Sponsorship Brochure.  Did you know that 62% of our chapter members hold the title of project manager? It is also interesting to see what percentage of our members are part of different industries.
The next portfolio we onboarded to the Service Desk was Public Relations.  Volunteers from Events Portfolio and Branches and Communities would submit their requests to receive communication and marketing services to publicize and market their events through the Chapter’s communication channels.  And just recently we have finished development with the Volunteer Portfolio and will be onboarding them to the Service Desk.  This is how other Portfolios will submit their requests for volunteers.

We collaborated with the Social Responsibility Portfolio and had a group of Ryerson Students help review the processes and systems of our portfolio and create and update our operations and training manuals.  Other special projects we worked on included the change from the news letter to the e-Blog, analysis of collaboration tools, online video platforms and volunteer management tools. One project that is in queue to be rolled out over the summer is the chapter’s enhanced communication preferences database.  Members would opt-in and enter their preferences with regard to Branches and Communities to receive additional communications for your specific interests.

Next month we will start planning our projects for the new fiscal year.  If you are interested in volunteering with our team, please send me an e-mail at

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