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Director’s Message – Corporate Partnership Portfolio

It has been a busy year indeed!
by Sladjana Sekulic, MBA, CEBS, PMP, CMC

We are almost at the end of PMI Toronto Chapter 2016/2017 fiscal year and what a year it has been!  PMI Toronto Chapter had numerous events and workshops such as PD Symposium, PMP Training workshops, Volunteers events, networking events, Open Mic sessions and many more! The Construction Community was launched, and PMI SOC Chapter was re-branded to PMI Toronto Chapter! PMI Toronto Chapter’s members had an opportunity to meet, chat and take photos with Jim Snyder, PMI co-founder who visited us right here in Toronto! For those interested in Agile, Corporate Partnership Portfolio delivered yet another successful Leadership Forum! It has been a busy year indeed!

For the Portfolio I am leading, Corporate Partnership and Sponsorships, it has been a fiscal year full of challenges, opportunities and successes! Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Portfolio is a relatively new portfolio within the PMI Toronto Chapter.  Corporate Partnership portfolio creates and builds relationships and advocates project management within corporate communities and professional associations. The Portfolio’s primary focus is on “in kind” exchange of services and advocacy. It started as a new portfolio in 2014, and Sponsorship was added in 2016 under the premise that PMI Toronto Chapter past president and PMI Office will support it.

While at the start of 2016 fiscal year we were still dealing with setting up an adequate structure, I was soon able to say that we’ve managed to build a great team of volunteers ready to bring the Portfolio to the next level. We stabilized structure, developed new relationships, coached new members and created tools to facilitate our operations and execution. We created outreach letters, defined value proposition, attended face to face meetings with corporations to advocate project management best practices, developed partners’ presentations, created corporate and associations pipelines, built delivery milestones and schedules, executed e-mail outreach campaign for Associations, and while we’ve been relying on our contacts and leads to reach out to organizations, we have also made cold calls to corporate leaders just like real sales pros would do.

The first formal partnership agreement we signed this fiscal year was with Association of Change Management Professionals, and just recently we’ve signed a one-year Agreement with the Canadian Associations of Management Consultants, CMC-Ontario Chapter.  We expect to have a perfect win-win from this relationship! PMI Toronto Chapter’s project managers will have access to first class consulting workshops, symposiums and seminars at CMC – Ontario members’ prices and CMC-Ontario management consultants will have access to project management workshops and events at PMI Toronto members’ prices. We trust this accessibility to consulting training and workshops delivered by some most experienced and highly ranked management consultants in Canada will help improve consulting skills and overall business acumen of our members.  We will have a dedicated group for this relationship to speed up execution and assure benefits for our members are realized as soon as possible.

We approached many organizations and many have shown interest to develop relationships and benefit from vast PMI resources and knowledge of project management. We want to build on this momentum and further increase advocacy. Rob Hanimyan has recently been engaged as a Chair, Corporate Relations to support advocacy of project management in corporate community, and as we are stepping into the 2017/2018 fiscal year, you can expect further co-operation with business communities and new relationships. The Sponsorship arm of our portfolio has been equally busy. With the support of PMI Toronto Chapter past president, Bob Heggie, and PMI Toronto Office we brought in 16 sponsors this fiscal year overpassing objectives. Many other opportunities are underway, so there is more to come!

We have just delivered yet another successful Leadership forum showcasing a hot topic: “Change Leadership in Organizations Undergoing Agile Transformation”. We had over 80 registrants, two expert speakers, and an executive from Loyalty One bring senior level practical agile experience to the Q &A and panel discussion.  The Corporate Partnership volunteers were fully engaged and enthusiastically pitching in. We’ve received many messages from attendees and speakers congratulating us on event organization and sending kudos to our excellent team of volunteers!

Photos: Corporate Partnership team and speakers at the April 25th Leadership Forum    

The objective of the Leadership Forums is to invite speakers who are experts in current Project Management, Business and Leadership topics, and to engage them with our senior membership in open discussions. Forums represent a fantastic opportunity to share experiences and network with other practitioners and experts.  The next Leadership Forum tentatively planned for September, will be focused on a strategic approach to agile business requirements.

As we move to the next fiscal year, be prepared to see lots of project management advocacy initiatives, and even more interesting and interactive Leadership forums.  We are on right path and will continue to enthusiastically work on enhancing members’ and partners’ experience and value, and increasing inter-connectivity and communication between our membership and business world.

Salute to the next fiscal year, our busy calendars and even more accomplishments!

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