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parveen-nathMember Services Portfolio – An Overview
By Parveen Nath, PMP, PMI-SOC Director In-Charge

As we all know, success and growth of any membership based organization, like PMI Southern Ontario Chapter (PMI-S0C), depends on continuing satisfaction of its members and how the organization adapts itself to the changing needs and expectations of its membership.

The primary objective of ‘Member Services’ portfolio is to be ‘members’ voice and champion’ in the chapter and facilitate fulfilling the needs of our chapter members and improving their satisfaction and retention.  Towards this objective, the Member Services portfolio, in collaboration with other portfolios and stakeholders, undertakes various activities that aim at helping members to get better value and satisfaction for their time and money.  We focus on member value proposition by recommending and implementing solutions to increase the value to our PMI-SOC members.  Some of these initiatives are:pic1

  • Identify and define new ways of improving membership satisfaction
  • Supporting our new members, e.g. via New Member Orientation sessions, having booths at monthly PMI-SOC events
  • Analyze membership trends for identification of issues, changes, and needs, and take appropriate action to address them
  • Facilitate member and non-member feedback through surveys, forums and focus groups
  • Support and connect current and new PMI-SOC members
  • Recognizing our members via prizes or opportunities to speak at our monthly meeting
  • Improving member value via programs & activities to align with the new PMI standards:

pic2Besides the general chapter membership, PMI-SOC has various Branches and Communities that focus on specific areas of interest and expertise which help fulfill those specific interests of our members. Member Services portfolio works actively with these PMI-SOC Branches & Communities along with other chapter portfolios (e.g. Professional Development, Technology and Public Relations) to improve member satisfaction, retention, growth and bring move value which align with the needs of our members.

                                                                                                                                         Branches and Communities

Being focused on understanding expectations and feedback of our members, we want to always hear from you about your thoughts and suggestions about chapter activities – what we are doing well and where we can improve. You could provide your feedback/queries through your posts on the members’ Forum on chapter web site accessible through following link:

(Note: for posting on ‘Forum’, you will need to first log-in as a member on the chapter web site)

Or by E-mail to:

Parveen Nath, as the PMI-SOC Board Director In-charge, leads this portfolio and is assisted by a team of member volunteers led by Ashok Selukar (Vice President).  The Member Services portfolio volunteer team is a great mix of senior and seasoned professionals and young and aspiring professionals from different backgrounds. This blend of experience, youth and diverse backgrounds greatly helps the chapter in understanding different perspectives of various types of members of a very large chapter like PMI-SOC and also helps the volunteers themselves in improving their professional understanding and network. We are always looking for more such members – who have enthusiasm and skills & ideas to help improve member satisfaction – to join our volunteer team and improve their own membership experience.


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