Humber College Represented at PMI-SOC Meeting

By Daniel Fadelle, Lead, SOC Student Sections Committee

The PMI-SOC’s October 2013 meeting hosted the largest recorded attendance of Project Management students from
Humber College. For many of the students, the meeting offered their first opportunity to experience “project management” outside of the classroom. The project management post-graduate program offered at Humber College educates students on best practices in project management, including a Capstone research project where students conduct an audit of a completed project generated by their sponsor, a working project manager. The search for a
sponsor was the driving force behind the impressive attendance rate of students, however, by the end of the night students received more than they bargained for. Many expressed that they were able to make connections, widening their professional network with individuals in the SOC community, in addition to enjoying the presentation on Agile Waterfall management approaches. Many expressed that they genuinely appreciated seeing how project management is used in the real world. Since the meeting, students have become more excited about their studies and look forward to more opportunities with the PMI.


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